Life is not only about what we can do or achieve in our life but also about the impact we have on those we meet. We are like the stone thrown into a pond, with our words and our actions we create a ripple effect that we may not see but is felt by those around us and then by those around them.

I want to have a positive impact on those who I meet so I choose to live my life from the heart, with the purest of intentions. I accept people as they are, do not judge their words or their actions for I do not know what has driven them to act in the way they do. I see the good in people and accept that we all make mistakes as that is a part of being human and what helps us learn.

This is not just for me but for you, it is a safe place for you to come to express your ideas and true feelings, a place to learn and to open discussions on topics that are important for your highest good and the good of all.


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