Who am I, Who are You?

What defines us? Is it our sexual orientation, sexual preferences, ethnicity, status, culture, religion, socio-economic status, hair, clothes, personal enhancements?  Why do we feel the need to even use any of those societal standards to define ourselves or others? 

When we come into this world we have no concept of any such classification and it is only by those around us do we even learn or discover the differences between ourselves and others.  Our brains as children are like sponges that absorb everything that is new to us.  Depending on who our caregivers are we are conditioned into believing what those adults are already conditioned to believe.

If you are born into a home that is strictly religious, regardless of the religion practised, then the likelihood that you too will become indoctrinated is extremely high.  If you only  associate with those of the same culture and religion then it becomes even more so.  It is also true if you are raised in a home that is full of racism and bigotry, or the polar opposite of love and compassion and acceptance for others.  Our environment growing up can have a positive or negative affect on us as adults depending solely on what we learnt and how we were treated. 

Why do many fear races and cultures that are different to their own, or believe that their way of life is better than others?  Why do some feel the need to ridicule or belittle others of a different race and culture and why do many who see this occur find it amusing or even funny?

Social media and the desire for many to gain “followers” or “likes” fuels the bullying and disrespect. It is a sad indictment on today’s society where bullying, bigotry, racism and cultural disrespect is a common occurrence and “posted” to social media to gain followers or likes. But, for me, what is worse are the millions of people who find such videos, photos and posts entertaining and encourage more of the same by liking or sharing them.

What goes on inside a person that makes them find humor in another person’s humiliation or disrespect. I like a laugh just as much as the next person but never at the expense of anothers dignity and I will never comprehend those that do. I am someone who will accept you as you are, what matters to me is the person you are on the inside and I thank my parents for that is how they raised me. That is who I am, so Who are you?

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  1. Not everyone is at the same level of consciousness… degrees of wisdom differ.. hence different people behave differently.. nevertheless I believe we are all sparks of the same Source.. the I AM.. having an individuated experience. Have a great day! 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻

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