Joy and Happiness.

We all have dreams for our life, what we want to achieve, where we want to live, what we believe will make us happy, and, for many, what we want to possess.

Realistically unless we truly understand ourself, how we think, why we do what we do, our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and conditioning we could potentially be following a dream that is not achievable. If we believe a new house, or a new car will make us happy will that be enough when we achieve that or will we search for more?

The pursuit of material things can make us happy in the moment we attain them but is it not only fleeting? The feeling of happiness and satisfaction can change when the house or cars needs repairs. Think also of the ongoing costs associated with things, will that make us happy or will it just create stress.

All of this is dependent on our own perspectives as to what is important in life. Personally I find more joy and happiness in the sounds of a child’s laughter, or the beauty of a sunrise or simply a swim in the ocean. Sure I, like many, have obtained a house, a car, jewellery and other valuables. I have had high paying jobs, owned a successful business and travelled for enjoyment but have any of that truly brought me happiness?

Only now, as I finally release the need to obtain things, and begin to live a minimalist lifestyle following my passion for writing and helping others do I truly feel I am finding joy and happiness. I have freed myself of the attachment to things. I no longer seek others approval or acceptance. I harbour no jealousies of others successes, in fact I celebrate them. Sure I love money, it is something we all need, as it gives us the ability to do many things, include feeding our families. However my life is no longer governed by it’s pursuit.

I have rediscovered the childlike wonder I was born with, joy in simple pleasures. Following my passions, being truly loved unconditionally, loving and caring about others without expectation and the simple things that life can offer – a flower, a bird, a sunset, a rainbow, a child’s innocence – fill me with joy and happiness that is everlasting and not fleeting.

My life is finally heading in the right direction and I know that there is only better things to come. If I ever doubt that life is full of joy I will spend time with my three year old grand daughter who reminds me everyday of the childlike wonder that we all were born with…. and that is pure joy.

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