Watch the Children

The world is going crazy, or that is how it seems

Everyone is picking sides or choosing different teams.

In many countries round the world there’s fighting every day

And the children are too scared to go outside to play.

Whether you believe in God or that of evolution

One thins’ for sure, this world really needs a revolution.

Not one of war or one of hate but one of peace and love

So we can all learn to smile and hug, not fight and push and shove.

There are many faiths around the world, which one do you belong?

It really matters not to me if peace and love’s your song.

Wars have come and wars have gone and many they have killed

And because of them many hearts with only hate have filled.

Man uses many reasons to start to fight a war

From God and race and color to the greed of wanting more.

It matters not the reason that conflict does exist

As long as many of us make peace and love persist.

To babies it matters not what colour is your skin

Only that you look after them and always wear a grin.

They know nothing of the hate of man, of greed or anything

It’s only love and kindness that makes their heart sing.

But as they grow, it’s sad to say, some learn to hate and fight

From those that should protect them and guide them with what’s right.

The adults are responsible for leading little minds

And some are led astray to hate all of different kinds.

If we but took a moment to look at what we’ve done

We’d see that in the wars no one has every really won

Hate is born from fear of what we do not know

And it fuels the hearts of many and off to war they go.

We need to watch the children; from them we learn much more

It matters not to each of them, black and white or rich and poor.

They play together simply laughing and having fun

Running, jumping, skipping in the warmth of the midday sun.

If only we had left them to grow without the hate

The figths and wars and conflicts would now not be our fate.

We’d all be safe and happy, and peace would fill our life

Instead of all the anger and all the bloody strife.

This poem is an excerpt from by book collaboration with Balinese Photographer Tjokorda Gde Wiratemaja called: LIFE, Thoughts and Inspiration from the Island of the Gods. With all the ongoing conflict around the world needs a reminder that the only way for us all to thrive is through peace. There truly needs to be more people standing up against war, tyranny and suffering of any type.

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