I Now Release.

The time has come to say good-bye to all the hurt and sorrow

For it has taken too much of me and I need a good tomorrow.

I know the truth within my heart, they got the best of me

But abuse is all that I received and now I’m finally free.

I was expected to remain to serve them like a slave

And I don’t think they’d be happy until I ended in a grave.

When I gained the strength and courage to put myself first

The abuse sprayed out so quickly like a fountain that had burst.

You must change to be as I want you to be is all I ever heard

Never any gratitude or never a kind word

I will never understand why they are the way they are

For they were born of me, so I find it quite bizarre.

Regardless of the pain I felt, I hold them in my heart

And am thankful for the distance that keeps us now apart.

I wish them only happiness and pray that they find peace

As all the hurt and anger I finally release.

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