I Choose Peace!

I have deliberately become very introspective recently as I took the time to take stock of what was important to me, in the big scheme of things. I rarely watch the news as I am tired of all the war, politics, hatred, bigotry and violence and many other things that cause divisiveness among people. Social media has more anger, hatred, obsessiveness, narcissism, bullying and overt aggressiveness I tend to stay away as much as possible.

Then, on the other hand I have seen posts of immense poverty, suffering and starvation in communities that are close to my heart, and done as much as I can to help. I have seen caring people step up and support the more vulnerable people among us. I have felt helpless when people close to me are suffering major health conditions and I sit perplexed at the apparent narcissism of so many who fail to have even one ounce of compassion for anyone other than themselves and play continually play victim when their life is as it is because of their own decisions and choices.

I have offended people by speaking my truth, expressing my feelings, setting boundaries, rejecting disrespect and doing what I needed to do for my own happiness, well being and mental health as they remain stuck in their own unhappy existence of which I want no further part. I have been abused for believing that refusing to be used and taken for granted even if it is by a family member.

Yet I can still see the beauty in the world, I can smile at the innocent laugh of a baby, I will cry when I see people reunited after long absences, and revel in the joy of the birth of a new foal. I can sit for hours watching the native birds playing in the trees, or the majesty of the ocean as it mesmerised me with each wave. I enjoy the simple things in life, a chat with a friend, the laughter of my grandchildren, the sun on my face, the rain on the roof, nature and the sound of music. And I will hold love in my heart for all people, even those who have done wrong by me or my family.

I choose not to buy into the controversy around the topics I listed above, or any others, it matters not what “side” I am on, if any, or what beliefs I hold and I am sure I will offend someone should I choose one over another. I am first and foremost a woman, belonging to one of the most marginalised and victimised groups throughout history, yet hold no malice to people who cannot see that, or see me, for that matter.

I am who I am and as I get older I consciously choose to not take on any of the negativity, animosity, anger, fear, doubt, judgement, bias and hatred that is so prevalent today. I choose to live my life with compassion and respect for all people, regardless of colour, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation or any other group someone identifies with and I firmly believe that if everyone did the same we would be way better off.

However, I respect your right to make choices that are right for you, to fight for causes you believe in, and will not be offended by them or judge you for them, that is your right. All I ask in return is to be allowed to live my life as I choose in peace and harmony with those whom I choose to share it with. But if anyone finds it necessary to judge me or criticize me it reflects more about you and your integrity than it does me so go right ahead as it means nothing to me. Even with all the turmoil in the world I choose to live in peace and harmony, peace of mind, peace in my heart and harmony with those I come into contact with… what about you?

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