Let Whoever Think Whatever!

No matter what happens in life, what you do, how you act, there is always going to be someone who will criticize you and try to bring you down or influence the way other people see you. We can’t control that, we can’t control how others perceive us, we can only control how we act or react to a situation. The more we are able to release our attachments the more at peace we will be. I am not speaking of attachments to people specifically, but the attachment to other people’s approval or opinion of us. We should not need other’s approval to validate our own self-worth, the only approval we need is our own.

We cannot live up to other people’s expectations nor should we try to as we will surely fail and will sacrifice much of ourselves in trying to do so. Our legacy in life should not be what we did or didn’t do, what we achieved or what we failed at but what type of a person we truly were and how we treated others. We all have egos that can and do influence our thoughts and feelings, it is how much we allow that to happen which can determine how much pain and suffering we subject ourselves to or project onto others. If we live our life with the best intentions, intentions that come from a place of love or heart space, then no matter what happens we will be at peace.

If we feel that someone has done wrong by us, no matter how small or how significant the hurt, how we then react says a lot about the type of person we are. If we take that hurt and verbally attack the person, or we send vitriolic diatribes to the person to express that hurt or anger then we are placing ourselves into a toxic mindset that is difficult to escape from. Even more so, if we then proceed to talk badly about that person, painting ourselves as the proverbial victim, to everyone we know when the person is not there to defend themselves it reflects badly on us and not them.

I have learnt the hard way that it matters not what the truth is, even if I have tangible proof that what another person is saying about me is untrue, people believe what they want, the truth is irrelevant. My philosophy now is to not judge another by what someone else says or thinks but to make up my own mind. When it comes to discovering that others have continued to speak badly about me, accuse me of things I have not done, or blamed me for things they themselves are responsible for I now choose to walk a higher path and stay out of the toxic gutter. I will not lower myself and fire back, even when I have enough ammunition to sink a battleship, I will merely let it go and Let Whoever Think Whatever and allow their own karma to do its work.

Don’t waste your time on defending yourself when there is really no need to do so. Don’t sacrifice your own ethics and integrity to dive into that toxic gutter and mirror what the other person is doing. Keep love in your heart for them, look upon them with sympathy for they must truly be battling their own demons in an internal struggle to be filled with so much anger and toxicity that they feel the need to project it onto you. Value your own self-worth so much that walking away from such situations is the only path you can follow after all an argument or fight can’t happen if there is only one person playing.

Never worry about those on the outside looking in for those that think the worst have chosen to regardless of the truth and are not worthy of being in your inner circle of trusted friends, so they do not matter. Any true friend will either defend you or walk away and not become involved at all. Don’t stress about what you cannot control, live your life with pure intentions that come from heart space and Let Whoever, Think Whatever and you will be filled with peace and joy.

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