Stories from My Life

Most of us believe that we live a boring life and that no one would be interested in hearing our stories and, until recently, I would have agreed with that assumption. However, recently I have learnt that we all have stories to tell. The experiences we have had throughout our lives, whether we are still young or in the twilight of our lives have molded us into the people we are today. How we have handled those situations, the lessons we have learnt along the way have all impacted us and influenced the way we see the world and interact with other people on a daily basis.

What we experience, the choices we make, the people who come and go in our lives, the people who stay, our families, the jobs we do, our hobbies, our habits, our passions and everything else in our lives for us may seem mundane, but for others may be fascinating, inspiring or, at the very least, entertaining.

As we get older, we can reflect on those experiences and people and they will either bring a smile to our faces, a laugh at the sheer stupidity of a situation or amazement that we even survived and if we all look at what we have achieved we must take a moment to be proud of ourselves. My life, even though I never thought it extraordinary, has been filled with such experiences that have each, in their own way, had a lasting impact on me as a woman. Some have terrified me, some inspired me, and some have taught me hard lessons about other people.

There have been times when I was so sad and depressed, I thought I would be better off no longer living and there have been times when I was amazed at the kindness and compassion of other people. I learnt the hard way that no matter how hard you try there are some people that are never going to be satisfied with anything you do or say, and many people have their own agendas, and I was just a pawn in their plans.

Through all of this I have learnt that I am stronger than I ever thought possible, that, sure I have made mistakes and bad choices, but for the most part my intentions have always been good. I am human and not perfect, and I sincerely apologize to any person who believes I did them wrong, intentionally or unintentionally. But I will never apologize for being me, it has taken a long time for me to be truly happy with who I am, and I will never again compromise me for another person. Like me or not I believe that, like everyone else, I am amazing, and I have a story to tell, and this is the beginning of those stories.

Over the coming weeks I will share with you stories of my life, stories of heartache and pain, stories of laughter and joy, stories of other worldly experiences, stories of sheer terror and stories of betrayal among others and I will explain to you what each experience meant to me and how they changed who I am as a woman. I believe you too have stories to tell, and encourage you to share them also because, as with mine and the lessons I learnt, by sharing them there may be others who need to hear them.

I have never had so much clarity about life as I do now as I get older and believe that I have learnt lessons throughout my life that others may benefit from. Listening to other people’s stories and the wisdom gained has taught me much and now I hope the stories from my life and the lessons I learnt will help others also.

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