Leaving a Narcissist!

Why do you act the way you do, what goes on in your head

To think that you’d be happy if I were to drop dead.

Why can’t you talk quietly instead you scream and yell,

There’s so much pain inside of you, that I can surely tell.

Your life has been a struggle and you look around for blame

But you fail to see your part in it and that is just a shame.

If you did look inside of you, you’d see you had control

And in the turmoil of your life you played the leading role.

You’ve controlled everyone around you, you play all like a toy

You lie to and manipulate every man, woman, girl and boy

You don’t care who you hurt, emotional blackmail you will use

You’re the master manipulator, even children you will use

When people have had enough and they abandon your circus

You stab them in the back for they serve no further purpose

The stories that you tell will paint all of them quite badly

Even if they’ve been good to you or sadly, if their family.

You care for no one really as long as you get what you desire

You are the narcissistic, sociopath and a compulsive liar.

You’re incapable of real love for on all you put conditions

And responsibility for hurting them will never be your admission.

I hope one day you realise what your behaviour has truly cost

For there are many good people who you have surely lost.

The saddest thing of all is that inside’s a heart of gold

That is drowing under pain and suffering if the truth be told

I hope you find the courage to get the help you need

And from all the pain and suffering you will finally be freed.

Then you will see true value in the people all around

And the foundations of relationships will certainly be more sound.

For me I’ve finally stepped away, no more abuse that I could take

And no longer can you blame me for the choices that you make.

Your roller coaster life full of drama and of stress

Is no longer a part of me, I leave you with your mess.

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