Living in the Moment

What happens when we decide to live in the moment? What happens when we release the need to over analyse our experiences, our mistakes, our relationships, our past? What happens when we stop stressing about the future and things we have no control over?

Living in the moment, just focusing on what is happening at any specific moment you are in, will give you peace. It will free you from stress, worry, anger, hurt, pain, and suffering. Sure, problems will not go away, but living in the moment will empower you and give you the clarity to deal with everyone and everything more objectively.

Some will say that life is not that simple, but I beg to differ. It really is. The more I have learnt to release the past, release the need to review and analyse past choices, decisions, and experiences, the more peaceful I have become. Add to that my firm belief that no matter what trials or tribulations will come my way in the future, I will be OK, survive quite nicely, and thrive.

How we live our lives, what we give our energy to has a huge impact on our overall health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since I have removed myself from toxic relationships, environments and situations, since I have stopped worrying about the behaviours and opinions of others, and put aside my fears of what the future has in store for me my whole health has improved.

I sleep better, I have no physical health problems, aches and pains are no longer there, I have clarity of thought, more physical energy, and I have a clearer connection to universal source and energy. The people still in my life, and those entering it, are like minded, supportive, inspiring, compassionate, and respectful.

Living in the moment does not stop toxic people or situations, stressful experiences, and worries from trying to enter my life, but it does afford me the ability to better deal with them as they arise. Living in the moment maintains a sense of calm and peace in my life.

The ONLY thing in our lives that we can truly control is HOW we respond to people, situations, experiences, and stresses. Everything else is relative. Now that I strive to live each day in the moment, I am more able to respond calmly and with clarity of mind keeping my emotions in check. I am extremely grateful for the peace and serenity I now feel and know that my future is bright.

Learn to take a deep breath, meditate if it helps, and try to live in the moment. Sure, problems may not disappear, but you will become better equipped to deal with them.

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