Words are Cheap.

It is easy for us all to portray ourselves as honest, trustworthy, and respectful by what we say to convince others that it is a true representation of who we are. It is harder to maintain that false facade when our actions betray us, as they eventually will. Have you ever been close to someone who, when the proof is shown to you, you struggle to believe they are not who you believed them to be?

There are those among us who are such masterful liars and manipulators that to the vast majority of people, they portray an image of someone who is caring, compassionate, respectful, and honest. They say all the right things, the caring words, the pretend emotions when something tragic happens, the saccharine smiles, the sweetness in their voice but if you look hard, you will notice that those things only happen when THEY want something from you.

Words are cheap and anyone can speak them, but a person’s actions will always reveal their true nature. Everything will depend on how objective you can be when it comes to the people around you. Sure we all like to be surrounded by good people, we never want to discover that the people we have trusted, those we have liked and spent time with, or cried with, or told our secrets to are not who we wanted them to be.

Watch carefully when you interact with people, observe what they do, not necessarily what words come out of their mouth. The person, for example, who asks you how you are doing and when you go to answer, they  instantly pick up their phone to scroll through something to distract them from your reply. That shows they really don’t give a “rat’s arse” about you. It is obvious that in this situation, they only ask you to make THEM look like they care. Nothing is about you, it is ALL to keep up their appearance.

What about the “friend”, and I do use that term loosely here, who invites you out shopping for the day, only then to ask you to do all the driving, clearly the ONLY reason they wanted you along in the first place. And let’s not forget the person who is so nice to your face only to gossip about you behind your back. None of these people are worth having in your life and you will be much better off becoming discerning and watching people’s behaviour and not just listen to the words they speak.

Being a true friend is someone who, when you are feeling down, will be there to actually listen to you, offer you solace, and NOT scroll on their phone with the latest from Twitter or Instagram. A good friend will never gossip about you behind your back, in actual fact, they will defend you when you are not there to defend yourself. True friends will have no ulterior motive when they want to catch up with you or, when they call you, and they most certainly will not use you.

There will always be people we come across in our lives that will only do things because they want something from you, or it makes them look good. Their motives for EVERYTHING they do is only self-serving and to keep up appearances but if you step back with an open mind and really “SEE” their behaviour you will eventually be able to uncover the true person. 

We never want to be wrong about the people we hold in high esteem or those that have become close to us and those we trusted but there will always be that one or two who are not who they appear to be. When a person’s actions are in opposition to their words, even though you probably want to believe the words they speak, trust their actions more. Do not fall into the trap of listening to what others think about them, for they too could have been duped, trust your gut, and believe their actions.

Words are Cheap and actions NEVER lie. When you find this out, you will be better off without those people in your life and there is no reason for good-byes or to even let them know you have seen the real person behind the facade, just leave them to their karma for it will surely find them and the space they leave in your life can be filled by someone who truly deserves to be there.

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