The people of the village gather as they do,
The women, the men, and the little ones too.
So much hard work and creativity it took
To create the Ogoh Ogoh, it is worth taking a look.

Photo by Tjokorda Gde Wiratemaja

No matter where you are on this island that’s so profound,
If you look hard enough, the Ogoh Ogohs will be found.
They create these scary monsters to parade around the streets,
To scare off evil spirits to the sound of gamelan beats

The males of the villages carry them around,
Shake them wildly, lift them up, then pull them down.
They frighten evil spirits and chase them all away.
To prepare for peace and quiet on their unique Nyepi Day.

The island sounds will stop, the people will stay home.
No one is allowed to work or to simply roam.
The people will reflect, meditate, and fast,
To ensure the coming year is better than the last.

There are no lights for one whole day in daytime or at night,
The darkness of the island is a truly wondrous sight.
Cars, bikes, and trucks all fall silent, the businesses too,
Only the sounds of nature are evident to you.

The skies all clear of smog, and the air becomes pure,
As the island takes a breath, it is a most natural cure.
This island has much power that many truly feel,
Some say it’s a myth, but I know it’s oh so real.

If you are so lucky to be there on Nyepi Day,
Take the time to embrace it and try the Balinese way.
Try to reflect on life and still your busy mind.
For if you but try it once,  you may be surprised at what you find.

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