He Is Music! ðŸŽ¶

He sits alone with thoughts his own his guitar upon his lap,

It matters not if you stop and listen or even if you clap.

He’ll play and sing regardless, his heart is in his song,

His hands caress the strings so gentle and so strong.

The music comes from deep within, with feelings from his soul

Of love and pain and sadness, it is magic to behold.

His voice will truly touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes

As you’re caught up in the magic before you even realise.

The passion and feeling he puts into every word he sings,

Is just as powerful as his mastery with the strings.

When he sings a love song, you can truly understand

The love he holds for only one, his heart is in her hands.

A musicians life is fickle, there’s highs, and then there’s lows.

Where he sings, there’s little pay, yet this is what he knows.

He gives with all his heart each and every show,

So if you’re lucky enough to see him, please stand to let him know

That you appreciate his talent that he laid bare to you,

And from his heart, he’ll appreciate it every time you do

He’s not just a guitarist who knows how to sing,

On stage, he IS music, and he is king.

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