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There is no person on this earth that is liked by everyone yet at some point in our lives we have all tried to be that person, consciously or subconsciously. I am no different but as I have grown older, I have realized that it really doesn’t matter whether people like me or not as long as I like myself, which I have for many years now.

My life has been no “picnic in the park”, I have survived domestic violence, bullying and betrayal. I have been the subject of gossip, Chinese whispers and lies. I have made mistakes and errors of judgement that have had ripple effects on my life, and I have disappointed people who, at the time, meant something to me. And I have forgiven all, including myself, for what has transpired. the past is the past, it cannot be undone or changed, I acknowledge my part in it and I let it stay where it belongs – in the past.

What I have done throughout my life is to continue to learn and grow. Even in the most horrendous situations when I thought I was losing my mind, I have looked for the lessons, the little snippets of positivity that I can take away and use for my growth and highest good. I will not be defined simply by societal labels based on things such as gender, status, career, culture, religion, age or sexual preferences or by my experiences, neither good nor bad, for there is so much more to me than what you see.

Yet I am simply ME, A Woman with a Voice, who chooses now to share the wisdom of lessons learnt through life’s experiences in the hope that I can touch even one person’s heart and help them live a more peaceful and happier life.

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