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Bully Buster – A Teacher’s guide to inspiring their students by eliminating bullying behaviour in the classroom.

Published in November 2022

Bullying in schools happens around the world, it is not confined to any one country or culture. Most schools have programs in place that endeavor to address the problem but few, if any, go to the source of the problem. This guide helps the teacher go to the source of the problem which is the Bully. It provides ideas to change the behavior of the bully by changing their mindset and having them put their energy into themselves and their future thereby becoming a more considerate and focussed student who understands they can gain more satisfaction by being nice and supportive of others.

WHY? – One Woman’s Experiences of Abuse and the Lessons learnt along the way.

Published in July 2022

Through life’s ups and downs and the experiences of bullying and domestic violence, both personally experienced and witnessed I have reclaimed my power and my compassion, gained wisdom and learnt lessons that I now share with the reader.

LIFE – Thoughts and Inspiration from the Island of the Gods.

Published November 2021

Poetry has always been a way for me to express much of which I struggle to verbalize. The island of Bali has provided me with some of the best, and worst, experiences of my life. Combining the two with the help of the beautiful photography of my close friend Cokie I hope some of what is written resonates with the reader.

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