He Is Music! 🎶

He sits alone with thoughts his own his guitar upon his lap, It matters not if you stop and listen or even if you clap. He'll play and sing regardless, his heart is in his song, His hands caress the strings so gentle and so strong. The music comes from deep within, with feelings from... Continue Reading →

Living in the Moment

What happens when we decide to live in the moment? What happens when we release the need to over analyse our experiences, our mistakes, our relationships, our past? What happens when we stop stressing about the future and things we have no control over? Living in the moment, just focusing on what is happening at... Continue Reading →

Leaving a Narcissist!

Why do you act the way you do, what goes on in your head To think that you'd be happy if I were to drop dead. Why can't you talk quietly instead you scream and yell, There's so much pain inside of you, that I can surely tell. Your life has been a struggle and... Continue Reading →

True Friend or Not?

How many people do we really need in our lives? There are some that are quite happy, or so they want us to believe, being alone like a hermit. Then there are those that crave the attention of others to the point that they are the "life of the party" or the one holding court... Continue Reading →

Look for the Positive!

Are there really any problems in life or is it just how we look at a situation. Sure, there are bad experiences that we can have, and many of us do, but are they really problems? Anything in life is relative to our own perspective, how we see it through our eyes and based on... Continue Reading →

Stories from My Life

Most of us believe that we live a boring life and that no one would be interested in hearing our stories and, until recently, I would have agreed with that assumption. However, recently I have learnt that we all have stories to tell. The experiences we have had throughout our lives, whether we are still... Continue Reading →

Let Whoever Think Whatever!

No matter what happens in life, what you do, how you act, there is always going to be someone who will criticize you and try to bring you down or influence the way other people see you. We can't control that, we can't control how others perceive us, we can only control how we act... Continue Reading →

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