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Swarna Dwipa is a community center for learning, meditation and healing, nestled in the river valley of Bona Village, Bali. It is a peaceful environment which inspires, nurtures and empowers – a place where people from all faiths and cultures come to study, practice meditation, take refuge and heal. It is a community-based organization that also supports the education of disadvantaged children in Bali whose families would otherwise not be able to do.

A week before Covid 19 was declared a Pandemic in 2020, a huge fire totally destroyed 2 major buildings together with equipment and stock at Swarna Dwipa. These buildings and equipment were vital parts of the infrastructure in the support of underprivileged children and families in need in Bali.  After the fire and then two years of COVID 19 which devastated tourism and Balinese jobs and economy, your support, no matter how small, will enable them to rebuild and replace materials vital for helping the community with health and education programs. So many families are now relying directly on their help.

All funds go through their German charitable association Swarna Dwipa Community Project Bali e.V. and from there directly to where they are needed in Bali. There are no administration fees. To show your support and donate to this worthy cause please follow the link below, your support is greatly appreciated.

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