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I have met many people throughout my life, many have taught me lessons I needed to learn and some have touched not just my heart, but also my soul. Their talent, their wisdom and their passion is something to behold and should be shared with the world. Here I am both honored and humbled to be able to share with you their gifts and their passion for all things, both seen and unseen and the beauty of nature and all that resides therein.


Swarna Dwipa is a community center for learning, meditation and healing, nestled in the river valley of Bona Village, Bali. It is a peaceful environment which inspires, nurtures and empowers – a place where people from all faiths and cultures come to study, practice meditation, take refuge and heal.


Photographer, Mentor, Meditation Teacher, Blogger, Guide and Inspiration, Nyoman’s love for Bali and it’s beauty is evident in everything he does. His willingness to share his passions and to inspire others is the core of who he is. With many other talented photographers in Bali he captures her beauty and magic that he shares through his photos.



Tjokorda is affectionately known to many as Cokie Maiden, because of his love of Iron Maiden. I believe Cokie to be the epitome of what it is to be Balinese living each day the Tri Hita Karana, the Balinese philosophy for life which covers the human relationships with God, Nature and other people. He is filled with passion and love for his island and culture which he shares with all through his photos.

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