Life of a Struggling Musician in Bali!

Anyone who has a passion for music and performing, whether soloist or group, if they don't already know, will soon discover that the life of a musician is hard and very rarely prosperous. One must be truly dedicated, hard-working, and prepared to struggle if you want to make a living from performing. The music industry... Continue Reading →


The people of the village gather as they do, The women, the men, and the little ones too. So much hard work and creativity it took To create the Ogoh Ogoh, it is worth taking a look. Photo by Tjokorda Gde Wiratemaja No matter where you are on this island that's so profound,If you look... Continue Reading →

Meet Ruff! (Ruff’s Roadtrip)

Ruff is an adventurous little fellow who is about to embark (๐Ÿ•woof,๐Ÿ• woof) on a journey that will expose him to sights, sounds, and experiences that will keep him wide-eyed and bushy tailed. With the enthusiasm of a child and filled with canine exuberance, he may have to rely on his innate animal instincts to... Continue Reading →

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