Good-Bye to the Past and Welcome to New Beginnings!

As the year ends many of us take the time to reflect on what has transpired, what we have endured, what successes and failures we have had and what people have come and gone in our lives. Much has changed in my life, but one thing holds true, everything that has transpired, no matter how big or small has in some way been influenced by choices I have made.

I have become a stronger woman because I have learnt hard lessons and now make myself, my health both physical and mental, a priority which is something completely new for me. For most of my life I have put others needs first, many times to my own detriment physically, emotionally and financially but now I refuse to enable others disrespect and would rather walk away, even from family, than continue to allow it to happen.

This year, 2022 has taught me to value myself, to appreciate everything I have experienced in my life and the lessons learnt along the way. I have learnt that releasing attachments is the way to peace and joy. Not just attachments to people, but attachments to the need to control situations, the desire to be right, the urge to judge others, the wish to understand situations and the impulse to respond to a situation out of emotion and without thinking.

I have become a calmer happier woman, one who is comfortable in her own skin, a woman who actually likes who she has become and no longer takes rejection personally, if others do not like who I am I have no problem with that. I have no desire, nor feel the need, to be around people who are continually blaming others for their lot in life and who can’t see they are where they are because of the choices they have made, and they are the only ones that can change that situation. I have again found joy in my writing, not just for it’s cathartic value, but because I truly believe I have something of value to offer others. I have found real, unconditional and respectful love when I believed it was not available to me and wasn’t even looking.

I no longer see myself just as a mother, grandmother, friend, lover, partner, baby-sitter, cook, cleaner, worker or any other label that others have tagged me with. I am a strong, resilient, sexual, woman with a voice who holds only love in her heart for others, especially those that have wronged me. For those who feel wronged by me, whether my behavior was conscious or unconscious, I sincerely apologize that you have taken my behavior the way you did.

Now is the time for me to step fully into my power and stand tall and strong in my own self-belief that I am worthy of all that is good in the world. The New Year brings for me a new beginning where I will continue to share the wisdom I have gained and the lessons I have learnt throughout my life. I will no longer apologize if others take offence at what I say or do, as long as my behavior is undertaken with pure intention. I have no desire to seek others approval for I am truly at a place in my life where I love myself and accept who I am, flaws and all.

My intuition and instinctive insight into human behavior is heightened and will continue to grow and should any seek my counsel, as others already have, I will not hesitate to call it as I see it and be honest with my advice in the hope that those hearing my message will be able to gain something from it. I will not judge others for I have no right to do so as I have not walked in their shoes, only they have that right, but I will speak the truth as I see it, so if they do not wish to hear that then better I am not asked.

At the end of 2022 I am excited and enthusiastic about starting the new year and new life and embracing all the fantastic opportunities that are opening up for me for I know that only love, prosperity, joy and abundance is headed my way and I am open and ready to receive it. I am eternally grateful for those people in my life who accept me for who I am, call me out on my shit, encourage me to grow and inspire me to be the best version of myself for they have all taught me the true value of honesty, respect and support and friendship, especially those that have been there through the bad times.

My wish for all people is for 2023 to bring peace of mind, freedom from stress, financial security and love and happiness for all. No matter where you are in your life I hope you will continue to grow and learn and find your bliss where your days are filled with creativity and pure joy. May the trials and tribulations of the past disappear forever, and may you release all attachments that no longer serve you and embrace the freedom, joy and abundance that will surely appear.


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